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**Classes are subject to change – always check mindbodyonline for the updated schedule**


Cardio Sculpt**

Burn fat and tone your body with this blend of cardio and strength training. This class will use a variety of equipment including, resistance bands, free weights and medicine balls, combined with high-intensity cardio intervals for a full body workout in only 45 minutes!

Cardio Dance

A high energy, fast paced aerobic dance workout with easy to follow choreography.  All set to great music ranging from the newest pop and hip-hop tunes to everyone’s favorite oldies.


30 min of Cardio Dance, 20 min of strength training, and 10 min of core work and stretching.

Circuit Bootcamp**

Your cardiovascular and muscular fitness will be challenged in this 45-minute circuit-style class incorporating calisthenics, free weights, plyometrics, and an assortment of equipment for a variety of exercises in each session.

Pilates with Props

Improve muscle control, flexibility, and coordination. Experience exercises designed to maximize core strength, while sculpting the muscles of the trunk and hips.  This mat-based workout will utilize props such as the fit circle, hand weights, resistance bands and foam rollers.


**There will always be low-impact options/modifications for clients wishing to move at a slower pace.

Class Cards:

$15 – Drop-in

$130 – 10-class package

$275 – 25-class package

$500 – 50-class package